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Viper Racing UK offer Dyno Services on 3 Dynamometers

1). A twin 225mm diameter roller chassis dynamometer designed and manufactured for testing Karts, Motorcycles and ATV’s up to a maximum of 200mph and 200bhp. This can be used in low inertia format (using drive roller only) or medium inertia format (Using both rollers). It will test in inertia only or braked modes and can continuously load up to the above speed and power.
(see testing section below)

2). A mobile version of the above, which will be installed in our Race-truck and enables us to provide dyno testing and verification at the track for our race team and customers alike. This unit will also be available for hire (with operator), either at your own premises or for track days and DYNO SHOOTOUTS. The above service will be available from March 2004

3). A medium inertia engine dyno, for testing, running-in and setting up of engines prior to fitting into the chassis. This is particularly useful for development of engines carburation and exhausts. This unit will be commissioned in February 2004

NOTE: The above Harware is all designed and manufactured by Viper Racing UK,
here in the UK.
We can design and manufacture a dyno for your requirements.

Our partner in the supply of the brake and DYNO-MAX 2000 Pro Software is

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On the dyno console we can see revs, torque, power, road speed, exhaust gas and engine temperature and many other parameters.
We can use simple inertia testing, or programme in a sweep test, a step test (controlling the size of each step and how long it is held), and specific tests where we can programme in the weight, coast down G’s and gradients to simulate a racetrack or running-in cycle. we can hold any given revs continuously unlike many eddy current dynos. We can then use the powerful DYNO-MAX 2000 Pro Software to analyse and compare the particular power runs.


The software not only controls the Dyno function but provides us with the powerful tools to gather, collate and compare the data, hence we can see what really works. Such features as real time colour graph tracing and multi-run overlapping, EGT bar graphs, test report database, adjustable limits and warnings, inertia compensation, adjustable data dampening, play-back data averaging, standard SAE atmospheric correction, data import, export, auto-zeroing and instant playback.

Dyno Pricing Menu

Dyno Hire Hourly (minimum half hour £20)

Per Hour


Dyno Hire per day (bring your karts, parts and some friends) 9.30 - 16.30

Per Day


Mobile Dyno Hire (plus £1.20 per mile return trip)

Per Day


Dyno Testing at the track or Dyno Shootout (inc. report)

Per Run


NOTE: Evening sessions are also available.

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